Cover for rock band Inme’s single Crushed Like Fruit

My entry, the image below (from a concept by my friend Mark Lynch-Staunton), was made for a competition organized by rock band Inme to design CD cover art for one of their songs. It was one of the two winning entries and is the basis of the first of two covers for the single Crushed Like Fruit. Additional artwork depicting an angel was added once out of my hands. The final cover is pictured at the bottom (I’d scan my own copy to get a bigger image if it wasn’t signed).

Mark and I were a little younger at the time and took it very seriously – analysed the song and came up with our interpretation, from which Mark came up with the concept. There’s a whole lot of symbolism in this image, but I won’t bore you with it.

This single rose to number 25 in the UK singles chart and number 3 in the UK rock singles chart.