Geminai Rising

Educational game

Development support and guidance, bug fixes

  • web
  • front-end
  • back-end
  • ES6
  • Sass
  • React
  • JSX
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Rest
  • websockets
  • MySQL
  • VPS
  • AWS
  • Tribal

This was an interesting project which unfortunately suffered from an utter lack of specifications and an incredibly short development timeline.

I was called in midway through the project’s development cycle to help solve some deep-seated issues. A lot of refactoring was involved, to fix some tricky bugs and to improve the user interface.

Sadly, there was only so much budget, and the product which shipped in my opinion is nowhere near what it could be. It’s a shame – if only we could have put in the same level of polish as went into the game’s video assets.

Coming into the project as late as I did, and with the time constraints I had, one of the challenges was simply to pick my battles: to refactor the parts which would benefit most while leaving other pieces alone no matter how much I wanted to rewrite them!