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I’m a programmer based in Vancouver, originally from the UK. I mostly work in web, as a full-stack developer.

There are contact details below.

Project history

  • : AGI Suretrack Prosingle-page marketing website (all development)
  • : AGI Suretrack Farmsingle-page marketing website (all development)
  • : Your Viking Name Twitter botauto-responding Twitter bot (all development)
  • : Vancouver’s Next Top AgentTV show website (all development, and most design)
  • : Vancouver’s Next Top Agentcasting call application form (most development)
  • : Zoconcierge app (maintenance and new features)
  • : Keep Canada Working Twitter botauto-responding Twitter bot (all development)
  • : Discuss Cannabis Twitter mapreal-time map of cannabis-related tweets (all development of map component)
  • : Vancouver Convention Centre Lot 185 pagecustom layout for new restaurant in convention centre (all development including new data schema)
  • : Trans Mountain website maintenance (layout and functionality changes, addition of French translation)
  • : Emerald Health registration microserviceserverless registration logic (all development)
  • : Sparkit Tokenbrochure for investment in company (all development)
  • : Keep Canada Working landing pageawareness and support-gathering campaign (all development)
  • : Airport City2017 annual report for Edmonton International Airport (most development)
  • : Hendrix (all development)
  • : this website (all development)
  • : HyperquakePrismic-based website for branding agency (maintenance of existing website)
  • : AbCellerastatic website for Biotech company, pulling content from a cloud-based CMS (all development and toolchain)
  • : 360° panorama for Sky Residences at Ice District (front-end development)
  • : Trans Mountain community/pipeline mapinteractive map as part of new website build (front-end map development and tooling for map data processing)
  • : Matt Wiensrésumé page
  • : Ephie Roweport of legacy PHP-based website to Jekyll
  • : CESO 50th anniversary pagenew section for existing website (all development)
  • : Quality Milkmilk promotion for Dairy Farmers of Canada (most initial front-end development)
  • : Sparkitsocial platform for influencers and their fans (most front- and back-end development for MVP)
  • : Skittles Holidy Pawn Shop (front-end updates for year two, and some refactoring)
  • : Canada in a Daywebsite and video crowdsourcing for film project (all development and sysadmin)
  • : CESOwebsite for non-profit (back-end development and sysadmin)
  • : Priimwebsite for mobile app aimed at hairstylists (all front- and back-end development)
  • : Win the Boardweb-based game for SAP and Intel's Digital Boardroom product (back-end development)
  • : Spring Stylespage and banner for Metropolis at Metrotown (all development)
  • : Adidas Runmore awards pageshowcase of a marketing project (all development except mobile-specific styles)
  • : McDonald’s CRMnewsletter signup and questionnaire (front-end development and deployment scripting)
  • : Lifesize Stylistinteractive physical installation in a mall with 60-inch and 24-inch touch screens (all back-end and most front-end code)
  • : Beetle Road Storiesaward-winning Volkswagen campaign (3D “virtual test drive” feature with canvas fallback, all back-end code including admin panel and Google Street View pathfinding logic, some other front-end code)
  • : Blend Your Friendsproduct promotion for McDonald’s (proof-of-concept Imagemagick face-morphing code)
  • : Mark Wiensholding page based on existing business card (all development)
  • : BC Place Stadiumlarge-scale cloud-CMS-driven website (all back-end and some front-end development)
  • : Vancouver Convention Centrelarge-scale cloud-CMS-driven website (most back-end and some front-end code including map)

Like what you see?

If you need any kind of web development done, let me know.

I’m currently interested in:

Other things I’m good at:

  • Website back-end coding (Node.js with Express or Serverless; Python with Django; PHP with Laravel; MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Sqlite; Linux/Unix shell)
  • Responsive site layout in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Javascript/ES6 coding, particularly favouring Typescript
  • React and other front-end frameworks
  • Building APIs, and hooking up to existing ones
  • Building clear, powerful, and easy-to-use control panels
  • Setting up and optimizing build systems (for example with Webpack)
  • Devops and other automation
  • Automated unit and acceptance tests
  • Vector-based art (SVGs)
  • Proofreading
  • Music notation

On the other hand, I rarely accept work involving big content management systems such as Wordpress or Drupal, or maintenance of existing sites I didn’t build.


I proudly develop with almost exclusively open-source software.

A few particular highlights:

Not to mention the dozens of web development tools and libraries I use, but many of these constantly change from project to project.

Contact details


You can get my email address by taking and replacing the first a with @.

If you wish, you can encrypt messages you send to me using my OpenPGP public key. (There’s also a legacy PGP key for ECS-related stuff.)


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